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Addition Table

  1. Plant a tree.

  2. Bake cookies for the neighbours -- or your family.

  3. Explore nature and go geocaching.

  4. Act out your child's favourite book.

Make lanyard key chains.

Visit an interactive museum.

Have a catch in a local park or the backyard.

Build an indoor tent or fort with couches and some bed sheets.

  1. Play Frisbee.

  2. Head to the local library.

  3. Turn on the radio and dance.

  4. Play Simon Says -- an oldie, but goodie.

Count how many times you can spin in a circle without getting dizzy.

Create a smores station.
  1. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

  2. Create papier-mâché.

  3. Make homemade play dough.

  4. Follow a no-bake recipe.

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt.

  2. String together macaroni for jewellry.

  3. Host a picnic lunch -- indoors or outdoors.

  4. Learn how to tie-dye T-shirts.

Construct an indoor obstacle course.
  1. Pull out the dress box, put on funny clothes and have a photo shoot.

  2. Head outdoors for bird watching.

  3. Create a time capsule.

  4. Write letters to soldiers.

Make bath fizzies by combining citric acid, baking soda and cornstarch

Exercise those finger-painting skills.
Take silly pictures with a camera

Explore small areas of nature with a magnifying glass

  1. Have a potato-sack race.

  2. Arrange a Jenga tournament.

  3. Camp out in the backyard.

  4. Make up a secret handshake.

Experiment with science. Make a papier-mâché volcano and mix baking soda and vinegar for an explosive reaction!
Learn a new card game